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The laundry dilemma

This is the first part of many posts on laundry. Having such a large family;means having a large amount of laundry to deal with. Living in New England makes it even harder because you really never know when the weather is going to be consistent enough to put away winter clothes, or pull out all the summer clothes.

For  example this morning it was freezing, last night I had the heat on, and now it is sunny and breezy and it looks like it might rain.

What do you really do with that?

We have a laundry rotation for the youngest six; most of my posts will be about these six (because the older children have noncompliance difficiencies) so it goes like this Mon-Fri each child has a “laundry day” it’s added into our Chore Chart. That is the day you are supposed to wash, fold and put away your basket of dirty clothes from the week. The younger two share a day, and we wash their clothes together as they share most outfits anyway or have matching outfits.

All of my kids age 8+ know how to run the washer and dryer. It is such an easy skill to learn, and I believe children should be taught young. This is a skill they will carry through their entire lives. I never understood the idea of a college kid going off on their own and not knowing how to wash their clothes…. (not WANTING too is a given, but not knowing how??) Hell no!

The mothers/parents of those children have done WAY too much catering and babying!

Also boys and girls should both be taught because hey- boys need clean drawers too… It’s easy to get used to making the girls do laundry but tht is not helping anyone out, especially our sons!

Also I do a laod at the end of the day everyday, of towels and/or any random dirty clothes left around. They will be washed together, yep I am not going through pockets either.

If a kid has an event or sports I usually grab their basket (or all the clothes off their floor..)for them and wash it and they get it out of the dryer in the morning. We also fold random laundry that fathers if they are watching TV or sometimes on Saturday mornings if anything has accumulated; which it has.

I used to do all this myself and since I revised the chores and added it in it really has made a big difference in my life as far as giving me time for other chores 😉

I would love to hear how other large families deal with the massive amount of laundry! Please comment!

Oh and as for socks…..I have tried everything under the sun but they always disappear so now we have a “Sock basket” that lives in our living room and the kids dig through it in the morning and when they find a match their faces light up as if it was Christmas Morning!


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