the box or no I can’t fit in it mom.

If you have a miniature genius that attends public school; they are most likely shoving him into a box.


Having such a large family, and being a mother for so many years has taught me one of the most important lessons in life. It is that I know nothing about anything.

I guess that is the moral of parenting; you think you know but you really don’t. It is all tried and error.

Being a parent tries your patience. It leaves you frazzled. It tugs your heart into a direction that you never knew existed.

As a parent you have to make heart-wrenching decisions such as whether or not to send a six year old to school with a pulled muscle in his neck, (that he got from falling asleep on the couch playing video games,) and which seemed to come and go all day on Sunday, he was either laying down complaining about pain, or he was practicing all his tae-kwon-do moves on his older brother including flying kicks to…

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