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Parenting continued…

It is so hard; this job called being a parent. It has been 21 long years so forgive me if I am tired. I am tired. I don’t know why (and I am sure parents with children older than mine will be chuckling at me for saying this) but I don’t know why I thought that when my kids turned 18 they were suddenly going to **poof** into responsible adults and take care of themselves; and not only that but also help me with things;

“oh mom I see that you are tired, and exhausted and you just spent the past 21 years raising us, and you still have 6 more to go so we will help you; sit down! have a cup of tea! I’ll cook dinner and she will do the cleaning!”

HAHAHAHAHA that was my delusional former self. 

Go ahead and laugh at me because by now – with an almost 21 year old and a 19 year old still at home I deserve it. Or if you are the naive parent of still young children you can read this and smirk and tell yourself that YOUR kids will do that for you, and that YOUR kids will appreciate you so much that they will help out without you even having to ask, when they turn 18 they will be begging to contribute to your household in so many ways…. go ahead and let me know how that works out for you….

More to come on this topic but for now rant over… 


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