Laundry soap, feminine products and chemicals.


Today I am starting a new routine of washing my hair with Dr. Bronner’s soaps instead of shampoo & conditioner. I have been reading up online about people who have also done this and most of them have great reviews and testimonies; saying that their hair has never looked or felt better after getting off of shampoo & conditioner.

I guess this fits into my new minimalist attitude. Reduce the crap that my family puts into their bodies. Why do we need to put so much into our hair, and onto our bodies, and what is really in those products that we use? Deodorants-shampoos-conditioners-body washes-makeup-even feminine products.

What is in them? I have already been buying mostly organic/scent free items for my family for a few years when financially possible. I buy as many natural products as I can and I also make some of my own.

Feminine Hygiene: Do you…

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