Family that is craze together, stays together!


So we finally did it. We are officially married, and it sure is something else when your 19 year old son gives a toast at your wedding, and says;

“I tell people my parents are getting married, and they say aren’t you almost 20? And I tell them we do things differently in my family.” Yep we sure do.

We are a crazy bunch, not quite 19 Kids and Counting but we are close. 11 kids, three dogs, a cat and two Grandpa’s named Moon. Most people would say I am crazy for marrying someone with so much “baggage” in the first place, who knows I probably am.

But what they fail to remember, as sometimes I even forget, I was here before the baggage.. Before the kids, before the baby mama drama, before my ex, before all of the diapers, and homework, before all of the craziness, it…

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